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C.N.C. Multi Curve System: Multi-Basecurve


The three lathes that form the C.N.C. Multi Curve System are all built to the same high standards of manufacture which guarantee consistent lens cutting reproducibility over a long service life.

Multi Curve System machines can be summed up as offering five main benefits:

  • They produce thinner, more comfortable lenses.
  • They eliminate errors, reduce rejects and increase production rates.
  • They produce a superb lens finish.
  • They are extremely accurate.
  • They have proven reliability

    All Multi Curve System lathes are fitted with the Epson PX 4 computer which is programmed in Basic. This enables users to adapt standard programs to suit their own requirements. The CNC Multi Basecurve Lathe cuts the concave, multi curved spherical surface of a contact lens in a continuous operation. Once the operator has keyed the lens prescription into the computer, the lathe set up is completely automatic. This includes spindle speeds, cutting feeds and topslide setting. Button loading and unloading is also fully automatic and lens edge radiusing and diametering off the topslide are functions available as options.


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